Jared Ames

6' 14 yr old Human male with deep brown eyes and shoulder length brown hair with a white streak.


Jared doesn’t know where he was born, or who his parent’s were. He only knows what he has been told by the Paladins in the chapter house where he was raised.
Jared was found on the steps of the chapter house as a baby with a note containing only a name, “Jared Ames”. Luckily one of the cooks had just had a baby of her own so Jared had a wet nurse. The Paladins decided that since Jared was dropped on their doorstep, that they should raise him and that if he showed the aptitude that they would train him as a Paladin.
The Paladins tried to teach Jared to speak when they judged him to be 18 months old, but he didn’t make a sound, after a while they decided that he was a mute and that there was no point in trying to teach him.
After Jared started walking, no matter how many times they tried to keep him away, he kept ending up in the smithy. They decided that since he liked the smithy so much that he would be allowed to play there under the watchful eye of Bryant the smith, who would train him as an apprentice as he grew older. As Jared grew older he started to help Bryant, by working the bellows, and fetching tools and water for quenching.
Jared still didn’t speak a word until one day (when he was six), when Rufus, one of the Paladins brought his horse into the smithy with a thrown shoe. Bryant was out getting supplies at the docks. Jared took a glance at the horse and said two words, ‘I fix.’ Now, up until that day, Jared had never made a shoe or shod a horse, but he proceeded to make a shoe and then shod the horse. When the smith returned, just as Jared was hammering the last nail, he exclaimed that the work was as good as his own. If you were to ask Rufus, he would swear that as Jared was working, the lock of white hair glowed with its own light.

From that day, Jared had a voracious appetite for knowledge; as soon as he learned his letters, he read every scrap of paper he could get his hands on. From the age of six to the age of ten, He learned everything that Bryant would teach him, until one day when he was ten, when Bryant went to the head of the chapter and told him that there was nothing more that he could teach Jared. Now, the Chapter house was on the outskirts of the gnomish city ___________ and there wasn’t another human smith for more than a weeks travel by foot. With the affection that all of the paladins felt for Jared, the head of the chapter, Weston Crag, was reluctant to send the boy away. Now the gnomes are known to be master craftsmen and artisans, but they are also known for their reluctance to teach humans because they see the short lifespans of men as too short for them to truly master a craft and sharing their knowledge to be a waste. Weston decided to go to the city, with Jared in tow, and ask some of the gnomish blacksmiths if they would make an exception. Weston started with one the most well known smithies, the smithy of the Silvershaper clan, and asked if they would make an exception. He was told no. Weston went to several more smithies and got the same response. Jared stayed with Weston patiently through all of this, but as Weston turned from the latest rejection to return to the chapter house, Jared bolted down an alley. Weston struggled to keep up with Jared who seemed to know exactly where he was going. Jared stopped in front of a run down and disheveled smithy where an old gnome was working pieces of iron into an intricate blacksmith’s puzzle. ‘Well, just don’t stand there gaping, boy," said the gnome, “the fire needs stoking.” Jared moved to the billows as the gnome stuck a piece of iron into the coals. Jared worked the billows as gnome took the ingot out of the fire and started to shape it on the anvil, returning it to the fire several times before quenching it. The gnome slid the piece into the puzzle, which was a an intricate sphere about the size of a baseball, then turned and tossed it to Weston. “My name is Horward Trickfoot, and the boy starts as my apprentice tomorrow. I can tell that he has something special in him, something that could make him a better smith than those aristocratic Silvershapers.”

Jared trained under Horward and was introduced to the tale of the creation of the mortal races by the gods and of the power of the gods being dependent on the belief and number of their followers. Jared welcomed this knowledge as it helped him with his doubts that there had to be more than the god that the paladins revered, Faeronor, the god who created the human race. This isn’t to say that this caused Jared to lose some of his devoutness to Faeronor (who wasn’t a god particularly concerned with artisantry), but allowed him to be devoted to Weyland the gnomish god of Smithing.

On his 14th birthday Jared received the summons from the Therein Academy and left the chapter house and Horward behind him.

Jared Ames

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